Rocket Your
Goal-Setting to the Next Level With the Goal Setting Reboot!

From: Daren Wride
British Columbia, Canada
January, 2018

May I be blunt? MOST PEOPLE set goals because it makes them feel like they’ve done something. But they have no intention of taking action to achieve them. 

And in the end they feel like crap. (Yeah, I’ve been there too!)

Stop and think for a second:

Do you want to escape from the grind of setting goals while never tasting the joy of achievement? 

The Goal Setting Reboot (GSR) is your way forward.

GSR helps you set strategic goals-the RIGHT ones.
And it shares the two missing steps you need to ACHIEVE your goals.

Because simply setting goals doesn’t work for me, or for you, or for anyone. 
We need something else. GSR reveals the missing components you need to move ahead. 

After going through your GSR:

It feels good to make progress toward our most valued dreams.
It makes us want more. It becomes addictive.

And success is the right addiction to develop!

The GSR reveals what I call the "Success Tripod."
Simply setting goals is like trying to live on a one-legged stool. 
GSR gives you a stable three-legged foundation for action and success.

Before I tell you how to get GSR, here's some helpful background:
A few years ago, I wrote the book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul.

Release summarizes the life planning system I developed for myself. Then I shared it in some very well-received talks. Finally I decided to teach it through the fictional story of a 2-week wilderness adventure told in Release.

Brian Tracy, goal-setting expert and author of The Way to Wealth among other books, said of Release “This fast moving, exiting and insightful book makes you really think about who you are and where you are going.”

You can see more about Release here: Release Book
(But Don't Buy It! See Below...)

The Release book led to the Release Life Planning System.
In fact, Goal Setting Reboot is Phase 3 of the System, which I refer to as Master Your Moment

Each of the lessons comes in video, downloadable mp3 audio and pdf transcript, so you can learn and review it however you want. The exercises are provided in downloadable pdf. 

You also get a digital copy of my book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul.

You could probably read the book and plow through the lessons in an afternoon. 
But if you’re going gain the full benefit and do the exercises I suggest you take a bit longer. 

After you’ve read Release, gone through the training and done the exercises for yourself, you will be able to teach the system to others- your family members, coworkers, employees and friends. (And they'll think you’re brilliant!) 

Full Disclosure: I hope you'll eventually get the entire Release Life Planning System because it goes much deeper. It shows you how to capture the lessons of your past and gain clarity about where you are going and why.

But GSR stands alone and will equip you to set and achieve goals. 
Then when you’re ready for more, you can use the coupon code provided inside GSR to get a huge discount on the entire course. 

So here’s the deal, only for people who have signed up to get my Goal Setting Worksheet:
The full Release Life Planning System is almost 200 bucks.
If I sold GSR as a standalone course, totally apart the Release Life Planning System, I'd charge at least $47.

BUT YOU GET IT FOR ONLY $17 (Canadian).

Yep, you can move from the hamster wheel of goal-setting to the power of goal-achieving... for the price of lunch! 

Even at this low price I'm giving you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee: 
If you aren't completely satisfied with the GSR and don't believe it's worth even seventeen Canadian dollars, just let me know within 30 days of your signup and I'll refund your lunch money!

Yeah, I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

No need to decide right now- you’ve got a whole month!
Just get the GSR, walk through it, and see what happens.

Do you want to:

Begin Your Goal Setting Reboot

-Daren Wride